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March 10, 2014

Detect an Impending Resignation: Five Employee Qualities to Watch

exit-resignationAn employee resignation is rarely a pleasant occurrence. There are some definitive warning signs that can arm an employer with a head start on filling the vacancy or, if deemed appropriate, engage the employee in an attempt to change his or her mind. Here are five characteristics you will typically notice in an employee who’s getting ready to look elsewhere or is actively interviewing for new positions.

July 22, 2013

Slow Down: Strategic Job Offer Contemplation

For employed job seekers, the decision to accept or reject a new offer can be tricky.  Job searching while employed implies dissatisfaction with one’s present work life, so it’s tempting to seize the first available opportunity for escape. Without careful deliberation, however, job seekers are susceptible to what a Pittsburgh-based consulting firm, Development Dimensions, terms “buyer’s remorse,” the feeling of regret following job offer acceptance.

February 28, 2013

Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

Formulating a clear understanding of the reasons why one wants to change jobs is an essential first step for any job search.  Once the biggest areas of dissatisfaction have been identified, one can more effectively begin a targeted search that best meets his or her professional needs.

February 20, 2013

Moving On: Best Practices for Resignation after Securing New Employment

If you are planning to resign from your current position, you must be sure to do so gracefully and professionally in order to avoid tarnishing relationships with your managers or colleagues. Assuming that you are abiding by Abacus Group’s most important rule for resignation, you have secured a new job with a different organization while working. Now, the final challenge is the tactful communication of your resignation.

November 06, 2012

How to Conduct a Confidential Job Search While Employed

confidential-job-search-employedA major challenge for an employed job seeker is ensuring that the search remains a secret until completion. Given the time and discretion required to work and look for a new job simultaneously, it’s easy for professionals to consider premature resignation. While being out of work does provide additional time to pursue new opportunities, unemployment will not guarantee an offer’s faster arrival; in fact, it may prolong the process.

February 02, 2012

The Golden Rule for Resigning

exit-resignationThere are many valid reasons for wanting to quit your job: lack of growth, a long commute, the feeling of being undervalued, uninteresting work, a bad relationship with one’s supervisor. The mistake that many professionals make, however, is failing to obtain another job prior to resigning. Quitting your current job without the security of a new one will likely pose serious consequences to your professional, financial and personal well-being.