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November 14, 2017

Tick Tact Toe: Giving Feedback to Unsuccessful Candidates is no Game

Providing a good experience for candidates will benefit your firm in the long run. These pre-screened individuals with the desire to work for your company will have the means to work on their interviewing skills; making them more employable given their already evidenced skills and interest in your brand.

August 04, 2017

Tips for Sending the Perfect Thank You Email [Infographic]

The Thank You email is not always necessary, in fact, sometimes recruiters will advise against it. However, when it is called for, it is important to make sure the email is portraying the interviewee in the best light. There is no scaffolding for the Thank You email as it will ultimately be dependent on the role, company, and industry. However, the infographic below works as a launching pad for sending the perfect Thank You email.

November 01, 2016

Your Checklist for Supplying References to a Prospective Employer

A hiring manager’s request for professional references is a favorable sign. Your resume was impressive, you interviewed well, and, possibly, you’ve made it past a round or two of candidate elimination. A reference check request absolutely indicates interest, and it is imperative to maximize this final opportunity to strengthen your candidacy. Here are some important items to know about the process.

July 07, 2016

Move Forward: How to Handle Being Turned Down for a Job

move-forward-turned-down-jobOne difficult truth about the job market is that someone will always fail. This can happen from the employer’s point of view with a poor hiring decision, but, more commonly, job-related disappointments are the individual job seeker’s burden. Because it’s so easy to become discouraged by turndowns, we’ve prepared pragmatic approaches to move forward in your job search.

October 17, 2012

No Word Back After an Interview: What Should I Do?

Receiving no correspondence after an interview is very defeating and hard to to accept. While no word back from an online job application is one thing, attending an interview is a much larger investment.

May 16, 2012

The Post-Interview Thank You Note: A Make or Break!

thank-you-note​Imagine that you have recently interviewed for the position of your dreams and walked away confident that you would receive a job offer. Now consider that, despite your outstanding qualifications and presentation, you find out that another candidate has been selected for the position. As you contemplate what could have possibly gone wrong, you eventually realize that you never sent a thank you note to the hiring manager.

March 30, 2012

How to Turn a Job Rejection into a Learning Opportunity

A February article from The Ladders by John Batteiger provides valuable advice about an often difficult and daunting task for professionals: obtaining critical feedback from an employer after being turned down for a position. Typically, hiring managers will merely inform the unsuccessful candidate that someone else has been chosen for the role, without delving into the specific reasons for their rejection. Likewise, most candidates will accept the bad news without much further inquiry. While this submissive routine may seem like the most respectful and least painful approach to ending the application process, it certainly won’t help you improve your interview skills for the future. Although a discussion of​ what went wrong may seem challenging or even uncomfortable for you, it’s the most practical and beneficial way to conclude your application attempt.