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July 14, 2017

Why Summer is the Best Time to Speak to a Recruiter

It’s a common thought that summer is the toughest time to job-hunt. It certainly is a slower time for a lot of industries with many people, executives and the like, taking time off to enjoy the weather. The hiring push is typically January to May. During these months the majority of decision-makers are in office and thus a team of professionals is present throughout the entirety of the hiring and onboarding process. Naturally, companies want their staff hired and trained before they take their leave over the summer. Rest assured though it does not mean that your job-search needs to halt. If anything, summer should be the time to kick your search into gear, perhaps even take a different approach.

Summer is the best time to speak to a recruiter because of the stagnant nature of the advertised job market during the season. It is true that a job-search during summer requires more patience but there is no reason you as a job-seeker, need to endure that. Partner and Head of Business Development Charles Amato, “As recruiters, we don’t have a slow season.  Not only does the weather get warmer in the summertime, contrary to popular belief, so does the job market. During the summer months, many of our clients decide to turn their efforts towards recruitment to gear up for the fourth quarter.  Our recruiters meet many candidates during the summer months when they seem to have more time to explore opportunities.” Granted fewer jobs seem advertised during the summer, at Abacus Group we always have a vast array of jobs for which we recruit and on the reverse, a pool of candidates with whom we are engaged and wholeheartedly endorse.

Summer is actually a good time to consider temping. Brian Ruina, Partner of Temporary Staffing for Accounting/Finance “A lot of firms put off hiring perm during the summer due to internships and vacations of line managers. It is, therefore, a great time to go in and take a temp assignment.” The opportunity is there to gain the skills that will continue to build your resume and often there is a chance these positions become perm, even if not explicitly stated at the outset. Summer certainly is the time for temping because of the amount of people out of office. Filling temp positions is also much more urgent so if you seek employment and quickly, a summer temp position may make the most amount of sense.

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