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November 29, 2016

What LinkedIn’s 2017 Projections Mean for Hiring Decision Makers


Earlier this quarter, LinkedIn published its Global Recruiting Trends 2017 Report detailing hiring around the world. The professional networking site surveyed 4000 talent acquisition leaders in 35 countries to provide public access to important recruiting metrics and trends. Findings indicate that hiring will increase and that employer branding is the strategy of choice.

More than half of US employers—58 percent, in fact—plan to increase hiring in 2017, and surveyed executives shared that quality of hire is their biggest priority. The new employee’s length of stay with the company and the hiring manager’s satisfaction are the primary benchmarks. Some—about one-third in the United States—plan to increase their recruitment budgets to secure higher-quality staff.

Leaders view talent competition as the most significant challenge. While the majority of budgets fund job boards and recruitment agencies, 53 percent of executives would invest more heavily in employer branding—to effectively differentiate their company from the competition—if finances were not an obstacle. Four out of five talent acquisition professionals believe that employer branding has a “significant impact” on their ability to make great hires.

Interestingly, the survey findings detect an important distinction between two types of employer branding messaging. Content regarding culture and values, perks and benefits, and mission and vision are useful for sparking candidates’ interest. However, messaging about compensation and benefits, career advancement, and the opportunity to perform challenging work are more effective in producing job offer acceptances.

You can review LinkedIn’s full report here.

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