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April 25, 2019

Using a Recruiter for Your First Job Can Give You a Career Long Partner

Searching for your first job after college can be quite daunting. You want to make sure you’re putting yourself on right career path, but you also don’t want to be too picky. To make matters worse, the application process can feel very lonesome, and when you do reach out to others, their advice is often contradictory. What you really need is an expert in the job market who is going to be in your corner, also known as a recruiter. Recruiters are professional matchmakers whose primary focus is placing their candidates the best role for them. There are many benefits to working with a recruiter, especially while looking for your first job, as they can become a career-long partner.

They Will Get to Know You and Your Goals

Recruiters know that placing their candidates in the right job involves taking a personalized approach. They will ask you about what you want and need from your next role as well as your long-term goals because they want to find the best position for you.

They’ll Know All the Right Things to Say About You

It can feel very pompous to share your accomplishments during job interviews. Luckily, when your recruiter submits you for a job, they’ll pitch you and your talents so that when you go in for the interview, the employer is already impressed.

They’ve Most Likely Worked in Your Field, so They Are Experts

Most recruiters place candidates in the field they used to work in, making them not only an expert on the job market but that specific industry. This allows you to speak candidly about your preferences and peeves within your field with someone who truly understands.

They’ll Notify You of Opportunities in the Future, Even if You’re Not Looking

Once you’re settled into your new position, your recruiter will keep an eye out for other jobs that could be of interest to you. If they see a role that they know you will love, they’ll call and check in to see what you think, bringing you opportunities you weren’t even looking for.

They want to form a connection that will last your career

Because recruiters get to know you and your individual career goals, staying in touch after they help you find your first job will allow them to assist you in the subsequent job searches throughout your career. Building that relationship means you will always have someone in your corner when you are ready for your next role!

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