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October 01, 2019

Training New Employees for Success

Training new employees can be daunting and overwhelming but is crucial for their lasting success at your company. The previous experiences of the new staff will affect what you teach them, but how you teach them is just as important. If you have been tasked with educating the new recruits, being thoughtful and specific about the way you conduct the training will ensure that they leave ready to get to work, and prepared to do so.

Prioritize What They Need to Know

Before training begins, write out all the responsibilities and skills that your new hires will need to understand to be successful in their positions. Then, prioritize what they should learn by the end of their first day, their first week, and their first month. This will ensure they are mastering the basics before moving on to more sophisticated lessons.

Assign Mentors to Last Beyond the Beginning

Within the first few days of training, pair some of the tenured employees with your new recruits to create mentor relationships. Schedule time for them to debrief with each other a few times throughout the training process and encourage the new employees to share what they’re excited about, nervous about, and ask for advice from their mentors.

Continuously Switch Things Up

It is unlikely that your new hires will all have the same learning style, so switching up the way each lesson is taught will ensure they’re all getting the opportunity to learn the way that’s best for them. Furthermore, moving your trainees around the office and having them speak with different employees will keep them interested and focused throughout their training.

Know Training is Continuous

There is always a universal feeling of relief once the preliminary training is over, but you want to ensure the learning doesn’t stop. Catch up with the group about a month into them being on their own to discuss what they’re feeling confident about and what they’re still trying to grasp. Additionally, encourage their mentors to check in and maintain their connection.

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