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August 20, 2019

Tips for Adding Your Summer Internship to Your Resume

As cooler weather quickly approaches, summer internships are coming to a close. Adding your internship experience to your resume is one of the final things to do before your last day. Being that this position might have been your first experience in the industry you’re pursuing, it’s important to write about it so that you are not only noticed but stand out. Before you just add a few simple bullet points and forget the details of what you did, take the time to research what will be notable to those in your industry and illustrate your experience in the most impressive way possible.

Don’t Say You’re Just an Intern

Even if “Intern” was how the position was listed when you applied, give your title a little more detail. Specify the department or team you were part of, such as “Accounting Intern” or “Marketing Intern”. On the other hand, you can categorize your role by the functions you had, like “Research Intern”.

Highlight Your Responsibilities

Not everything you were tasked with doing is worth noting on your resume. A good guideline to follow is mentioning responsibilities that are of high value in your industry, will make you stand out to recruiters or hiring managers, or that you earned the ability do are definitely worth mentioning.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

It’s easy to lists the responsibilities of your position, but to really impress potential employers, quantify everything you did to demonstrate what you were able to achieve. For example, instead of simply saying that you created reports, write that you “Drafted weekly, data-driven reports that were sent to 4 executives”.

Assess Your Transferable Skills

Research some job descriptions for positions you like to have after graduation and assess the technical and personal skills required for those roles. If you were able to attain any of those skills during your internship, note them at the bottom of your resume so future employers know you have them.

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