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January 24, 2018

Three Important Traits for an Internal Auditor

The role of an internal auditor in every company is an objective-driven one. The wants and needs of hiring executives are changing what is sought after in an internal auditor.

A Passion for Problem Solving

Given the risk assessment involved in internal audit, calculated thinking, accurate reporting, and statistical analysis are all essential parts of the job. In essence, being a good problem-solver is key. Problem-solving is a large part of business and specifically, management. Because of this, business acumen and an understanding of business operations certainly will foster problem-solving skills and make for a successful internal auditor. Particularly a business-minded individual with experience in managing people and relations.

Communication Skills

As mentioned above, management skills can birth good problem-solvers. Management and other business experience also organically cultivate good communication skills. Although internal audit isn’t client-facing to the degree that sales is, communication is essential in translating findings to senior auditing professionals who tend to be in the decision-making realm.

Critical Thinking

CFO’s are increasingly looking for more from their internal audit staff. Individuals who can offer strategic input rather than merely data analysis are more desirable. Director of Accounting and Finance Recruitment, Dianne Perlman, “Critical thinking is necessary to focus resources on the processes where controls are most likely to fall short and that can lead to the greatest risk.  It also is important to remain critical throughout the audit process, to question and to verify findings.”

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