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December 07, 2016

Thoughts on Cultivating Public Accounting’s Future Leaders

Accounting industry publication Accounting Today recently reported on an October AICPA Leadership Academy conference. The Academy, which provides “a self-examination of leadership, what that means, and how that impacts personal life, career path, and the CPA profession,” organized a forum for young Accounting professionals to learn about becoming leaders and to share their opinions.

Following the conference, it is evident that CPA firm management cannot afford to neglect investment in their younger staff—the leaders of the coming decades. Findings indicate that Partners and other senior members in Public Accounting should be mindful of opportunities in self-awareness/discovery, work-life balance, communication, and mentorship for their staff.

Attendees at the conference share a “sense of really wanting to discover…what strengths they have, and how to create that perfect sweet spot.” Accordingly, management is encouraged to provide room for greater exploration through a wider range of assignments and methods. One attendee, for example, shared that his preferred approach is collaborative because he understands that “no one [leader] has one answer—it’s just that [a team works] together and [comes] up with different ideas, [chooses] an idea that can be worked towards, and then [works] for it.”

Interviews with professionals age 25 through 35 generated these and other insights about the profession. Review the full recount from Accounting Today for a deeper look at their professional goals and their prioritization of work-life balance, communication, and mentorship

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