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July 28, 2017

The Power of a Premium Career LinkedIn Account

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between LinkedIn Premium and the free Basic account. The fact of the matter is that LinkedIn accounts in any capacity are incredibly powerful, however, this will highlight the difference between the basic and premium options, reinforcing the immense capabilities of a paid LinkedIn subscription. LinkedIn Premium is very popular among recruiters but there is a lot of value there for job seekers and networkers in general.

1. InMails

Probably the most marked difference between Basic and Premium is the presence of InMails. InMails allow job seekers to send a message to LinkedIn members who are not in your network. Basic requires that you are connected on LinkedIn before you are able to contact them. InMails are helpful for expressing interest in a job beyond mere applying. Often with Basic, an individual might add a note to an invitation to connect however with Premium, the process is accelerated and furthermore, does not rely on the individuals connecting before opening the lines of communication.

2. Who Has Viewed Your Profile

Premium is more in depth with this feature however it is present on Basic. Premium allows you to see specifically the names of viewers, their job title, how they found you, and even possible introductions that can be made. Eg. “John can introduce you to 3 people at X Company” if the LinkedIn member is a part of your network. This combined with the ability to send InMails allows a job seeker to be much more proactive in their search. A Premium member is able to see who is seemingly interested in their profile and has the liberty to begin to forge a relationship by sending an InMail.

3. Top Applicant

Jobs applied to on LinkedIn with the Easy Apply function will favor Premium subscribers. Premium members will be listed above Basic members in the list of applicants that the employer sees. This feature increases the chances of an application being viewed and moreover, viewed before other applicants. Think of it like jumping the queue of applicants and heading straight to the front of the line.

LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial to try out Premium. Should a job seeker not wish to wear the financial cost of the Premium subscription, starting the trial when the job hunt is in full effect is a great way to avail oneself of the Premium features and also to see if it is a worthy investment.

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