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July 21, 2017

The Most Sought After Hard Skills for Administrative Professionals

In the past, we have looked at the importance of soft skills to administrative professionals. Like any role, however, hard skills must be complemented by soft skills in order to not only land the job but to excel in the role. Below are five important hard skills that are currently sought after in administrative professionals. Associate Recruiter Jonelle Green, “Hard skills for administrative professionals are ever-changing due to the various computer systems and programs out there. It’s no longer just about the speed at which you type. Hiring managers look for candidates with skills in various programs so that they can start immediately with the need for little training; especially in the temp sector where people are almost always needed for an immediate start.”


Concur is an example of one of the many paperless expense reporting systems used in offices across the country. We have come to notice that Concur, however, is the most popular system on the market in New York City at the moment. Getting familiar with a program such as this one is definitely a marketable hard skill that could give you the edge over your competition.

Calendar Management

A large portion of the responsibilities of an admin professional is calendar management. Just as organizational skills are important soft skills to have, calendar management is certainly an important hard skill to have. Space allowing, there is no problem with listing both skills on a resume, however, there is more weight in stating calendar management over organizational skills, given that hard skills are generally more marketable than soft.

Google Docs

Familiarity with the G Suite enterprise is certainly an incredible asset to any administrative role. Specifically, being well-versed in the Google docs system is becoming increasingly important as the popularity of the program is on the rise. The system is not a difficult one to learn however there are a lot of intricacies that when mastered, will allow you to avail of the system’s fullest potential.

Mac/Apple Familiarity

Although PCs tend to be the more popular choice for offices, Macs are popping up more and more in creative offices and startups. Familiarity with the Apple operating system and all of its shortcuts will go a long way not just on your resume but also in-house.

CRM/Salesforce Experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the practices used to analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle in an effort to improve customer retention and drive sales. The most popular CRM platform at the moment is undoubtedly Salesforce. Familiarity with CRM is a highly sought after skill that will increase your marketability in the job market.

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