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June 14, 2019

The Leadership Skills that All Employers are Looking For

Regardless of what role you are applying for, leadership skills are sought after across all companies and industries. Compared to technical skills, they are not as easy to quantify but demonstrating that you have these leadership skills will put you above those whom you are interviewing against and assure your potential employer that you have the ability to make a great impact on the company and community.

1. Communication

As they say, communication is key. Being able to clearly articulate everything from the status of a project to the needs of your clients is necessary for your success in any role.

2. Decisiveness

Giving examples of times you were able to make quick, but well thought out decisions, and put the wheels into motion to make your idea happen will show that speed bumps don’t take you off course.

3. Adaptability

Every now and again, an assignment or project strays from the original plan but it is important to stay focused and adapt to the new plan. Discussing examples of this will only boost your reputation during an interview.

4. Critical Thinking

Having this skill is a requirement for most positions but articulating that you have it can be tough. Sharing situations where you were able to solve difficult problems in a logical way will illustrate that you are a critical thinker.

5. Mentorship

Even if you won’t be supervising anyone, showing you can act as a mentor and coach to those around you will demonstrate that you have the potential to move into a managerial role one day.

6. Prioritization

Being successful, as an individual and a business, relies on being able to meet deadlines and prioritize your work accordingly. Mentioning this as a skill you possess will boost the confidence of your future employer.

7. Dependability

Especially during busy seasons, managers don’t want to be stranded by employees who are not dependable. Being on time and fully prepared for your interview will show you’ll be the same once hired.

8. Responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is how you take ownership of it. Giving an example of an error you’ve made and how you resolved it and learns from it will demonstrate your responsibility.

9. Respect

Rare are the offices where everyone is friends but showing those interviewing you that you can respect your coworkers, your managers, and your clients will assure them you are an individual to have on the team.

10. Passion

Last but certainly not least, you must have a passion for the work you are doing. If your future employer cannot see that you truly care about the work you are doing, why should you be in the role?

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