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October 10, 2017

The IT Job Market Boom

Earlier this month, CompTIA released their IT Employment Tracker. The data proved there has been significant growth in the technology sector with IT, computer and electronic products, and software development all experiencing gains.

US employers reportedly added some 105,000 IT jobs in September. Computer and electronic products manufacturing, IT services and customer development all saw dramatic increases while data processing, hosting, and related services saw less obvious increases.

According to a press release from CompTIA, Senior Vice President Tim Herbert had this to say about the figures: “Because postponing digital business transformation is becoming an increasingly risky proposition, businesses of all sizes seek the expertise and tools to modernize their legacy systems.”

The figures come as somewhat comforting news given growing concern across many industries that artificial intelligence will be replacing a lot of jobs in the years to come.

The figures were strong however it must be noted that job postings fell by 40,000: reporting the biggest fall of the year. This is somewhat part and parcel with the fact that IT employment is at an all-time high and therefore vacancies are experiencing a low.

Search portals dropped some 2,400 jobs last month and telecommunications declined by 1,900 positions. Arguably due to advancing technology replacing the human experience.

Unsurprisingly demand for cybersecurity professionals remains high. Growing need is met with a short supply of these professionals despite societal reliance on technology and growing incidences of cybersecurity threats.

Corey White, chairman of the CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board said in the release, “Whether short-term job numbers rise or fall, there is simply no question that IT and specifically IT security specialists are going to remain in extremely high demand. The increase in extremely damaging data breaches has certainly led to an increase in demand for skilled cybersecurity workers and leading-edge services.”

CompTIA cited data from, that identified that there were nearly 300,000 job postings for cybersecurity positions from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

“Additionally, because every IT worker, even most knowledge workers, have some level of involvement in cybersecurity, demand for cybersecurity skills is much broader than the dedicated cybersecurity roles reflected in the job posting data,” Herbert said in the release.

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