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January 30, 2018

The Habits You Need to Form in a New Job That Set You Up for Success

Starting a new job can be tricky and often quite nerve-racking. However, it’s important to start strong in order to set oneself up for a fruitful career. They say it takes 66 days of repetitive behavior in order to form a habit. The first few months of a new job are the perfect time to form habits that will lead to your success in the role. Below are the habits that are worth forming at the start of your job in order to achieve success.


The habit of setting goals helps give purpose to your work. By setting small objectives frequently, you will find yourself achieving more and will, therefore, become increasingly motivated by the idea that you are capable and accomplished. To-do lists fall into the realm of goal-setting. Writing to-do lists daily not only organizes your work and thoughts, this habit helps you with the bigger picture of creating a roadmap to achieving career goals. Work can often feel stagnant and routine, goal-setting helps to re-center oneself and remind you what it is you are striving to obtain.


Make a habit of engaging with your peers and take as many opportunities as you can to network. Set the precedent early that you are interested in forging relationships. By doing this you demonstrate to your peers that you possess interpersonal skills that are important in business. It also shows your commitment and loyalty to others as well as, simply, that you are an approachable and nice person. Networking can lead to a myriad of opportunities that although may have no place in the present, may be invaluable down the line.

Prove Your Indispensability

From the outset, you want management to see that you are indispensable. Continually demonstrate that you are an asset to the company and ensure that you are never taken for granted. The company should not want to imagine the office without you. This not only bodes well for your job security, it also helps to give your work value, not just financially but also by giving it meaning.

Be Assertive

Make a habit of being assertive where possible. Assertiveness lends itself to indispensability and ensuring that you are not taken for granted. Even with matters you are unsure about, be assertive in your uncertainty. This may sound like and paradox but in fact, it suggests that although you don’t know something, be confident without being cocky. Question to the height of your knowledge and never stop using your common sense. Being assertive puts in motion people’s behavior towards you. It commands respect whilst displaying necessary humility.

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