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April 07, 2016

The Golden Ticket to IT Security Career Success

IT Security is a complex, ever-expanding field—in extremely high demand. Few professions today are more exciting or more relevant to the world around us. The Panama Papers leak, the San Bernardino iPhone dispute, and numerous large-scale credit card breaches are just a few recent examples of how IT Security impacts modern society.

Unfortunately, companies lose millions of dollars, individual privacy is compromised, and political controversies arise as a result of breaches in information security as a result of loopholes in Information Security. Therefore, IT Security professionals should consider enhancements to their careers, remarks Jordan Thomas, Senior Client Services Manager for IT Staffing & Recruitment at Abacus Group.

After four years of experience in the IT recruitment industry, Jordan understands that the right professional certification is one of the best ways to stand out in the job market. With so many options, though, it is challenging to determine which will add value to your IT career, which will not make much of an impact, and which will be a downright waste of time and money. Jordan points out the merits of just one in particular—the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation.

The process to achieve the CISSP is rigorous, but the prestige and financial earnings associated with the certification speak volumes. Candidates must complete at least five years of full-time work in at least two security-specific domains to even qualify for the exam. Following that, candidates must pass a 250-question test with a score of 700 or above, with 1000 being the highest possible score. Though it’s not easily obtainable, the certification’s payoff is clear. Quite favorably, reports that professionals who hold this certification in the New York City area earn salaries of $125,727 on average. 

IT Security will continue to rise as its significance continues to impact both large organizations and individual privacy alike. With many different verticals within the IT Security space, the CISSP is one certification that can separate you from other potential candidates competing for the same opportunity. If you’re interested in seeing about potential IT Security opportunities Abacus Group has available now, please take a look at our open positions on our website or LinkedIn Careers Page. Or, if you are a client and looking to make sure your network and environment are secure, let’s discuss adding a specialist to your team today.

Contact Jordan at (212) 931-6237 or for inquiries.

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