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September 17, 2015

The Changing Landscape of Temporary Staffing and the Implications for Employers

ChangingLandscapeTempStaffingRegardless of market conditions and unemployment levels, Temporary Staffing will always be in demand, explains Ray Carroll, Senior Business Development Manager at Abacus Group. Whether there’s an influx of work due to heavy demand, or a shortage of manpower following layoffs, contract employees will be called upon to provide vital services to keep normal business operations afloat.

While the economy has little bearing on the necessity of contingent labor, the market certainly impacts the caliber of the temporary candidate pool. Ray sheds light on this effect:

When unemployment is high—immediately following the Great Recession, for instance—the buyers of temporary staffing services enjoy the upper hand. With a large population out of work, employers have the advantage of securing temporary assistance from high-caliber professionals. In Accounting & Finance, for example, this would include individuals with optimal skillets: a mixture of Public Accounting and Private industry experience, mid-level seniority, and CPA certifications.

However, when unemployment is low, like it is today, such “perfect” temporary candidates no longer exist. The most desirable professionals are already gainfully employed on a permanent basis. Within the remaining contingent talent pool, meanwhile, it’s difficult for employers to check off everything on their temporary hiring wish lists.

As a result, employers should reevaluate their perception of candidate quality, Ray suggests. Someone who, in a different market, might have been dismissed—for being “overqualified” or for having an “unstable” professional background with too many temporary roles—can be the perfect candidate in today’s economy. Remember: When a temporary candidate is needed to support an urgent project or fill a gap, expertise is paramount. Expertise is what eliminates training time, saves money, and ensures a job is done quickly and accurately. Expertise needs to be the greatest consideration.

Kevin Johnson, also a Senior Business Development Manager at Abacus Group, agrees that employers need to maintain flexibility on certain aspects of the role or requirements for a vacancy. Further, he asserts that hiring managers have to act quickly. This means that complete and detailed job descriptions must be presented right away. Additionally, when hiring managers meet a candidate of interest, they need to follow through immediately to ensure the professional is not lost to a competitor or to a permanent opportunity.

If you’re exploring temporary staffing options in New York City, Abacus Group is your resource. Abacus Group understands the changing workforce landscape and has an abundance of qualified candidates available to support your temporary Accounting & Finance, Administrative, or Information Technology vacancies. Together, let’s efficiently identify the talent you need to fill the gaps—without hesitation. Contact us today.

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