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March 24, 2017

The Case for an Active Employer Presence on LinkedIn

There is so much buzz around LinkedIn’s utility for job seekers that the platform’s value for employers gets lost in the chatter. For hiring managers, HR professionals, and other business leaders, the social network is often underutilized.

LinkedIn is more than a hub for your job postings and employee roster. In fact, a business can use the site to distribute unlimited content to engage with target talent markets. The website or mobile app is one of the first destinations that candidates visit to learn more about a company.

Find out how to make the most of LinkedIn’s popularity for talent acquisition at no cost to your business.

Robust Company Page

No matter how a job seeker learns about your company—through a friend, a recruiter, a job posting, or press—one of their first actions is investigating your presence on LinkedIn. A basic LinkedIn Company Page permits the addition of your business name, logo, description, address, website, industry, the number of employees, and year founded. You can make all of this information public to viewers at no cost.

A non-existent or sparse Company Page signifies a warning to potential employees. “Is this company legitimate?” or “Are they serious about hiring new employees?” are just a few possible concerns that your audience may have. We also encourage posting Company Page updates—including photos, videos, or links to your website—to spark further interest among your audience.

Informative Employee Profiles

Your employees are a critical part of your employer brand. Like a Company Page, there are absolutely no fees to set up a personal profile. In addition to ensuring that all of your employees have personal profiles, encourage them to share more than minimal information on their pages. In order to thoroughly explore your company culture, job seekers are going to want to know about your people—especially leadership with whom they’re interviewing. Beyond employment history and professional credentials, staff pages showcase expertise, personality, and passion.

Employee-Published Posts

Every LinkedIn user has the ability to publish original written content. These posts—or articles—are automatically promoted to your personal network and become a permanent addition to your personal profile. You’ll get more exposure and gain greater credibility with authentic, informative LinkedIn posts authored by your senior executives. Most of all, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition to your target talent markets. Suggested topics include a new product or service, a company event, or a personal anecdote about one’s success in a specific industry.

In the complex world of employer branding, LinkedIn has increasingly become a bigger piece of the hiring puzzle. While you shouldn’t lose sight of your other promotional tools, remember to keep LinkedIn at the forefront of your recruitment marketing.

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