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August 22, 2017

The Best Ways to Motivate your Employees

As much as a manager wants their employees to be giving 100% of their effort 100% of the time, the reality is that motivation can waver and that will lead to a lag in productivity and thus, results. A good leader is one who knows when to dictate and when to listen. Motivating indeed requires this balance.

1. Positive Attitude

A team lacking in motivation can be quite frustrating and as a manager, you may feel the urge to push them with threats and aggression. The issue here, notwithstanding the fact that positive reinforcement is a better-known motivator, is that team members will work towards not being yelled at rather than wanting to succeed for the betterment of the company. The best approach to motivating your team is to treat them with respect and highlight their accomplishments in an effort for them to achieve more. Lead by example and instill an attitude of quid pro quo. Naturally you want to be stern and reiterate the importance of their hard work, however yelling and making threats will not produce good results.

2. Set Smaller Goals

By creating small targets, it makes the trajectory for achieving the end goal much less daunting as well as perpetually motivates employees to get there. The smaller goals work best when they are incentivized, in this sense, they feel more achievable and provide instant gratification for the hard work. Realistic goal-setting reinforced by small incentives will motivate your team to push harder and further. Enthusiasm will be sustained and morale will remain high. Small incentivized goals also work to motivate individuals rather than one faceless team. Naturally, you want to encourage the team to work together but a small amount of healthy competition will motivate the team to motivate each other.

3. Open-Door Policy

An open-door policy is a very easy way to instill trust in your team and make them aware that you don’t intend to micromanage but rather are there for them when they need you. An open-door policy shows that you have also placed trust in your ability to manage. You have implemented a strategy and trust your team to work towards the small goals collaboratively set by you and the team. You then have set the example that help is there from you and of course their team members however you will not be badgering them.

4. Environmental Motivators

Encourage an attitude of community and cooperation and you will see your team work in a collaborative way. This again reiterates the balance of healthy competition and teamwork. You don’t necessarily need to renovate the office but change the office morale by encouraging team building in and outside the office. Make sure that any measures are for the good of goal achieving and not mere “getting to know you” exercises. A team that gets along with each other and indeed their leader will produce positive results. An inspiring workplace filled by inspired workers is the best form of employee retention a manager could ask for. This will ensure a strong team that is putting in their best work.

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