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November 29, 2011

The Advantages of Temp-to-Hire Positions


Temp-to-hire employment has become a popular and effective method of filling positions in the fields of Accounting, Finance and IT. Under temp-to-hire contracts, individuals are given one-to-three month assignments with the potential for permanent work at the end of the term. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of temporary employees is rapidly increasing, having reached 2.3 million as of October 2011. As economic uncertainty prevails, the temp-to-hire method is attractive to employers because it ensures proper candidate selection and is also a quick way to provide assistance during busy times.

The temp-to-hire arrangement is an efficient mechanism for recruiting candidates who will succeed in the positions for which they are hired. Hiring an individual to work as a temporary employee prior to offering a full-time position keeps management with a window of opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the employee. Unlike the hiring process for permanent positions, temp-to-hire candidate selection transcends the limitations of the resume and interview with the addition of a third, crucial dimension: actual job performance. Through temporary employment, the employer may thoroughly assess whether the Accounting, Finance or IT professional is suitable for permanent work. An unmotivated employee, for example, can critically impede organizational progress and, financially, many firms cannot afford to take such a risk. Therefore, the temp-to-hire model diminishes the costly possibility of hiring the wrong candidate.

Temp-to-hire is also an excellent way for employers to acquire supplementary assistance during busy periods or in times when employees are on leave for personal reasons. By hiring temporary employees with the promise of possible permanent employment, a company experiencing a shortage of staff during periods of intense pressure can ease the burden on its current employees.

Given these significant advantages of temp-to-hire staffing, employers should consider this arrangement in filling Accounting, Finance or IT positions within their organizations. For information regarding temp-to-hire services provided by Abacus Group, please fill out the form available here.

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