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October 10, 2012

Temporary Employment a Smart Option for Unemployed in a Recession

A recent article from a North Carolina paper, The Herald Weekly, discusses the advantages of temporary employment in a distressed economy. Citing the number of professionals seeking temporary jobs as 7.8 percent higher in 2011 than in 2010, the article correctly explains that these types of roles are most appealing to the unemployed, who often seek a “starting point” when getting back into the workforce. Contract work does, in fact, function quite well as a sort of springboard for people who have been unemployed. Now increasingly popular within companies that cannot always afford to provide employee benefits, temporary work serves as an effective way for professionals to “bounce back” after what is commonly an emotionally and financially defeating occurrence.

While temporary roles obviously do not necessarily equate to completely sustainable professions, they do provide some level of career rectification beyond a paycheck. For one, these types of positions will help refresh a professional’s technical skills and knowledge of the industry. While an unemployed person can certainly attempt to remain informed about his or her field through news and educational material, there is no substitute for direct contact in a professional setting. Having the responsibility to use new, unfamiliar Payroll software at work daily is undoubtedly more valuable than simply reading about its existence and prevalence in a particular industry. A second advantage is derived from the reactivation of professional skills: the ability to showcase relevant qualifications to obtain a permanent position. Being out of permanent work for eight months is significantly more appealing to an employer if the latter three months have been spent in a contract position. This is because the candidate’s skills have been refreshed by the most current industry practices. Temporary work also restores a professional’s confidence. Unemployment triggers considerable self-doubt because it leaves the individual feeling unaccomplished and rejected. With a contract position, the professional can once again experience satisfaction from completed projects and enjoy praise for achievements.

Temporary work can do more for a professional than update skills, increase marketability and boost self-esteem; it can give way to a permanent position. Although temp-to-hire jobs are usually specified as such during the hiring process, the possibility that a strictly temporary job will transition to permanent cannot be overlooked. Strong performance paired with an employer’s financial inability to cover training costs can make temporary employee the best candidate.

Like the North Carolina staffing firms referenced in the article, Abacus Group, too, assists both job seekers and hiring managers in temporary position searches. Specifically, Abacus has the capacity to fill such roles in Accounting/Finance, Information Technology and Administrative Support. Similar to the approach used by the firm’s permanent recruiters, the temporary divisions meet with each candidate in person to assess his or her experience, objectives and skillset. If you are unemployed and looking to revive your career, please submit your resume here.

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