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April 20, 2018

Survey Showing Vacation Shame on the Decline

The annual Family Vacation Survey by Alamo Rent A Car showed that 59 percent of adult workers claim that they put pressure on themselves to work whilst on a family vacation, while 51 percent feel guilty that a co-worker has to cover for them in their absence.

Although the 37 percent of workers saying they preferred “to completely unplug from work while on a family vacation, is down from 2017’s 53 percent, what can be deduced is that more people are taking the vacations they are owed but are still doing some work whilst on them.

Millennials are less likely to feel vacation shamed. Forty-one percent of workers said they have felt vacation shamed, which is down from 49 percent in 2017. It seems that the larger the presence of millennials in the workforce, the less apparent a culture of vacation shaming will be. Sixty-eight percent of millennials in 2017 claimed they had felt vacation shame, whereas this year that figured fell to 38 percent.

Seventeen percent of respondents said that “feeling vacation shamed might keep them from planning or going on a vacation.” This figure is another indication of a decline, as last year’s survey returned 25 percent. Vacation shame often leads to workers not taking their allotted time off, last year only 51 percent did, however, any guilt from taking a vacation also seems to be improving. Forty-eight percent of workers last year felt the need to justify why they were using their vacation whereas this year, that figure was only 40 percent.

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