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August 25, 2017

Social Media and Personal Branding [Infographic]

Interview preparation regarding social media is not solely about deleting and removing tags on undesirable content, it’s also an opportunity to create a personal brand you wish to portray to you prospective employers. Social media is an incredible resource for networking and communication. Being aware that interviewers will do their research on you via social media means you may use this knowledge to your advantage and present yourself in the best way to them.

Keep a Clean Image

Before you add content to help mold your personal brand online, you want to make sure to strip away anything seemingly incriminating. Think of it like starting with a blank canvas upon which you can paint your self-portrait. It may help to also view your social media platforms from someone else’s account so you, in essence, see what the public, and indeed prospective employers, see. Go from the beginning of when the account was made and remove the things you don’t want to be affiliated with your personal brand. Remember that although you may align with certain views politically and otherwise, this content may not be the best portrayal of your personal brand as it is polarizing. You want to give yourself the best opportunity at making a good first impression in person rather than via what has been found on the web when Googling your name.

Stay Engaged

In essence, it really is neither here nor there if your social media activity is recent. Employers will not penalize you if your Twitter has not been used in two years. However, when it comes to building a personal brand via social media, relevance is key. Knowing that employers will be searching you online; why wouldn’t you want to use this to your benefit? In addition, more active social media accounts rank higher in searches. Although being searchable online doesn’t seem beneficial to your pre-interview screening, on platforms such as that of LinkedIn, being searchable is advantageous as a means of connecting you with professionals, recruiters, and influencers, to name a few. By sharing content you want being synonymous with your personal brand, you get to build out the image you want employers to see of you.

Follow Influencers

Beyond remaining engaged and availing yourself of the features your social media platform has to offer, following influencers can open doors for you. Influencers in your field or rather just moguls in general, can inspire you and provide you with motivation to achieve more. Often these individuals will share success stories as well as tips on how to improve yourself in productivity and beyond. On a more grassroots level, influencers in your specific field may be able to connect you with other individuals and opportunities to further your career and personal development. Using a site like, you can build a following and user-base that is in direct correlation with content that matters to you and is relevant to your personal brand.

Join Groups

Engaging with people in group discussions is another way of networking and creating ties that have the potential to benefit your career and personal brand. This sharing of knowledge can deepen your understanding of your industry whilst connecting you with new people. The joining of groups will also boost the activity of the social media account and again increase its credibility. Recruiters have also been known to look for talent in LinkedIn groups. Groups are a platform for you to distinguish yourself and showcase your expertise. Choose them well and they will benefit your personal brand immensely.

It’s important to keep your image consistent across social media platforms in order to build a strong and reputable personal brand. Keep content diverse and monitor activity closely and frequently to ensure that you truly are putting your best self out there. Only have content you would be proud to have associated with your image.

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