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June 03, 2015

Skirt a Summer Slowdown; Stay Sharp with Temporary Staff

Have you been grappling with the idea of hiring temporary staff? Take a look at why the summer makes sense for bringing contingent employees aboard.

Your office is starting to look a little empty

The coming months are an especially popular time for vacations, weddings, outdoor social events and goings-on that lead to extended absences in the professional world. Even though employees’ use of requested and rightfully-deserved time off differs from staff skipping work excessively without reason, the weakening – or worse, total disappearance – of certain functions for just a small period of time can hurt your productivity in a big way.

You anticipate a huge hiring jump in the fall

In most industries, hiring grows in September, and by securing temporary assistance for the summer, you just might eliminate your need to search for permanent staff in the fall. If your temporary associates perform especially strongly, they’ll make excellent candidates for any upcoming permanent vacancies. Time and money invested in permanent hiring searches or in training new employees get wiped off your to-do and expense lists.

You want to tackle special projects that require outside assistance

If activity is generally slower during the long, lazy days of summer in your company, this time of year is ideal to approach a special project, like overhauling your current filing system or introducing new software for your employees. Despite the urgency of such initiatives, you might have had to postpone them during busier times.

You want your permanent staff to enjoy greater flexibility

By introducing temporary staff, your full-time employees get a little bit of a break and remain less susceptible to burnout. This works well for organizations that offer shortened weeks with Summer Friday hours. Your permanent employees will be happy for time off, your temporary workers will be happy to fill in and you’ll be pleased with sustained productivity. It’s a win for everyone.

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