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September 22, 2017

Six Common LinkedIn Job-Seeker Mistakes [Infographic]

It can’t be reiterated enough that LinkedIn is a tremendous resource for job-seekers, employers and recruiters alike. It’s important however that users leverage its vast features and by doing so, eliminate any behavior that doesn’t best serve their brand.

1. Using 3rd Person

Third person verbiage should not appear on your LinkedIn unless via a recommendation or endorsement. A summary statement should not read like it was written by someone else. It is impersonal and seems insincere. Just as you would not have third person vernacular on a resume explaining past experiences and achievements, it has no place on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Photo Choice or Lack Thereof

Your LinkedIn picture needs to be professional and recent. You should be the only person in the photo, depicted in a neat and tidy manner. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views. An image is a great way to position your brand so choose it wisely and with care.

3. Misuse of the LinkedIn Space

Not all social media is created equal. LinkedIn was created with the goal of professional networking and connecting in mind. Knowing that; it is important you treat it as such. Although you want to keep your conduct respectful and conservative across all social media platforms, be extra cautious with what content you post to LinkedIn as it is a depiction of your professional self.

4. Keeping a Stagnant Profile

Building a personal brand is a never-ending process. You don’t merely work at your LinkedIn when you are actively seeking a job but rather maintain and contribute to it consistently and meticulously. Having an effective LinkedIn requires more effort than what perfecting a resume takes as a LinkedIn needs to be sustained and therefore constantly checked.

5. Inconsistent Personal Brand

Consistency is truly key when it comes to social media but with LinkedIn specifically, it’s important that your account is consistent with your resume too. A LinkedIn is capable of hosting more of your marketable material however it should, for the most part, align with your resume and the image that is portrayed on it.

6. Recommendations and Endorsements

Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations and endorsements from your peers and superiors. It is not a red flag that you are seeking employment but rather just proof you wish to improve your professional image on the platform. Offer to reciprocate, when asking for this from your peers. Professional recommendations and endorsements are powerful and provide a different perspective of your skills and expertise.

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