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January 02, 2018

Signs It’s Time for a New Job

In the past, we’ve looked at what it means to stay at a job for too long. When you’ve stopped learning and being challenged, it can be time to move on but if everything is going well despite having been at the job for a significant amount of years, there is no reason to leave.

There are some telltale signs that it’s time to start looking for a new job. Often it is best to get this process started sooner rather than later as your behavior at work and towards it, may detriment your performance. This could result in your termination before you even had the chance to begin your job search.

Increased Levels of Stress

The ebb and flow of work-induced stress levels are common across most industries. When the stress levels ascend with no promise of respite, or your ability to handle the same levels of stress begins to weaken, it is indeed time to look for a new job. Stress can manifest itself in various ways and it may not always be spurred by work. If you can identify that work is causing you to do the following things, you have an issue on your hands. Stress can cause your relationship with food to change. Overeating or a loss of appetite can be a result of stress. A heavier reliance on vices including drugs and alcohol can occur. Also the loss of sleep or oversleeping, whereby you may come home from work at a reasonable hour yet sleep immediately and wake up only to leave for work again. Perhaps you aren’t necessarily experiencing more stress but you find that your ability to cope with it is not what it used to be; this is indicative of burning out and certainly a sign it’s time for a new job.

Dread Work

It is difficult to be in love with your job all day and every day. In fact, it could be argued that being enamored by your work all the time is toxic and unhealthy. Some mornings you may be excited to go to work and others you may dread it. If you find yourself dreading work more than you look forward to it, this may be a sign that you need to find a new job. Dreading work often means that you are purely working for the money and benefits. When you find yourself dreading work, you must ask yourself why you continue to go. Of course, money and benefits are powerful motivators, working solely for them is a sign that you need a new job.

Worsening Performance at Work

There is a significant difference between having an off-day with a few mistakes and having diminishing success at work. Being less productive at work and exhibiting less passion for the job is an indicator that it is time to seek new employment. If the work is becoming more challenging and you are finding it more difficult to perform well, you must determine whether or not your inability to keep up is stemmed from a lack of drive. If you are finding that you are spending a lot of time at work doing irrelevant tasks like checking social media or online shopping, it is time for a new job.

Unfulfilled Promises

If you are still at your job because promises were made in regards to career progression, you need to decide if you truly believe those promises had any weight to them and furthermore, if you still want what was promised to you. Are these promises enough motivation to stay? If your manager has displayed a lack of follow-through, yet you continually and conscientiously do what is required of you and then some, you need to reassess your value and deduce whether you are appropriately being remunerated. If you don’t feel you are being offered what you are worth, it is time to look for a new job.

Ultimately, if you are asking yourself if it’s time to look for a new job, the answer more often than not is ‘yes’, so long as the question comes from a place of prolonged concern rather than a whim that’s the product of a bad day. It’s never a bad time to talk to a recruiter and explore your options.

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