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April 25, 2017

Show Gratitude on Administrative Professionals Day

Tomorrow, April 26, marks Administrative Professionals Day. The holiday is the pinnacle of Administrative Professionals Week, celebrated annually since 1952. Administrative Professionals Week was established to recognize office assistants for their business contributions and the positive reputation of the profession.

Several decades later, administrative professionals remain an important and respected component of every organization, while taking on increasingly complex roles as technology evolves and business objectives intensify.

Administrative professionals most commonly hold the titles of Administrative or Executive Assistants, Receptionists, Legal secretaries, Office Managers, Paralegals, or Clerical Assistants, among others. These are professionals upon whom we all rely for efficiency, organization, and success.

This upcoming Administrative Professionals Day, remember to show gratitude to those individuals who keep your workplace afloat each day greeting customers, responding to client inquiries, scheduling appointments or preparing documents. Here are three ways you can celebrate the holiday tomorrow or later this week.

Give (Unique, Meaningful) Gifts

Employers often pay tribute with flowers, fruit baskets, or gift certificates to local eateries. Personalization, however, adds a special touch. Monogrammed scarves or engraved leather portfolios, for example, demonstrate your sincere interest and gratitude. Alternately, consider a gift relevant to his or her personal interests. 

Treat Administrative Staff to Breakfast or Lunch

There is a time for a free lunch (or breakfast). Accompany your administrative staff to a restaurant or, as a very special surprise, request the meal’s delivery through a catering service. Be sure to find out their favorite dishes or cuisine with the help of colleagues if you are not sure.

Design a Card from All of Your Employees

Ensure that your administrative employees feel especially valued with a collaborative handwritten card. Ask a creative colleague to make a giant thank you card. Then, ask everyone on your team or in your office to share how the administrative professional makes their daily work life easier.

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