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June 07, 2019

Setting Your Summer Interns Up for Success

The beginning of June marks the start of Summer internships. Offices everywhere will open their doors to bright young minds, eager to experience their first taste of the businesses and industries they hope to work in one day. Ensuring that these young adults get the most out of their experience rests on the shoulders of those managing them. It is crucial for intern supervisors to put a lot of time and care into preparing for the interns and then empower them to make a real impact during their time in the office. Setting your interns up for success will benefit your company, improve your reputation, and make your office the place young professionals want to work!

The most important point for all intern supervisors to remember is to treat the interns like any other employee. Beyond holding their work to a high standard, this involves respecting their time, effort, and not belittling them and the work they are doing. Additionally, assigning tasks and projects that allow your interns to work both independently and collaboratively will allow them to learn how to succeed in a variety of situations.

With each assignment you give to the interns, make sure the expectations and deadlines are not only straightforward but also reasonable. When each new task or project is allocated, provide both verbal and written explanations so the interns have an opportunity to ask questions in person, but can also reference on paper later on. Furthermore, challenge each intern to, while working, keep an eye out for opportunities to improve processes and functions. Encouraging interns to solve problems will not only allow for your business to improve but will assure them that the work they are doing is making an impact.

Sara Bouley, who has been recruiting at Abacus Group for four years and this summer will be serving as the supervisor for our summer interns offered some insight. She advises, “I think that the most important thing is to set clear and realistic expectations for both the manager as well as the interns. This comes through having good communications skills and being approachable as a supervisor. Internship programs, when managed properly, can be very effective to an organization because you are able to identify new talent for future starting classes, which is vital to the growth of any company. It’s the responsibility of the manager to ensure interns develop a great skill set, are exposed to all facets of the business, and get a sense of the overall culture of the organization.”

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