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January 06, 2020

Setting Your 2020 Career Goals

It’s one week into the new year and therefore time to get moving on your goals and resolutions. Many people challenge themselves personally, but making professional goals is just as important. When putting together your list of resolutions, make sure they’re reasonable, quantifiable and can be achieved without relying on other’s actions or luck. If you’re stuck for ideas, listed below are some great goals to consider with practical first steps you can take to achieve them.

1. Improve your Performance Metrics

Assess your job responsibilities and at what rate you have been able to get tasks done. Improving your performance metrics by actively working to improve the quality and quantity of your work can result in more flexibility in your schedule, higher client satisfaction, and a decrease in stress.

2. Take Steps to Work on your Weaknesses

Reflecting upon your end-of-the-year review, think of ways you can improve upon the elements of your position that you aren’t doing as well with. Instead of trying to perfect these skills right away, think of ways you can improve in a small way by the end of January.

3. Attend Industry or Leadership Trainings

Whether you are two or twenty years into your career, participating in conferences or trainings will keep your previous skills sharp and ensure you stay current within your field. A quick online search will open the door to events happening in your area and it never hurts to ask if your company will cover any attendance fees.

4. Earn a Certification or Specialization

You don’t need to go as far as getting another degree to keep educating yourself. Taking ad hoc courses online will allow you to stay up to date on the newest trends and skills in your industry. Additionally, developing a specialization will ensure you’re in demand when job searching in the future.

5. Develop Professional Relationships

It’s important to ensure your career goals aren’t only centered around yourself. Building new relationships with people in your office or industry is key to developing your skills, knowledge, and network. Starting this process is as simple as striking up a conversation in the elevator or asking someone to coffee.

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