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April 27, 2018

Second Time Lucky: How to Interview if it’s your second attempt

Sometimes candidates interview for jobs at their dream company and come out unsuccessful. It happens. It’s unfortunate but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your journey to that company. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance with the company, be it years later or soon after the first attempt, know how to conduct yourself.

Know If and When it is Appropriate to Mention

You, of course, want to be honest but don’t feel the need to force into the conversation that you have interviewed with the company before. They may already know but choose not to bring it up. If it is not important to mention or adds nothing of merit to the interview, don’t feel obligated to bring it up. Furthermore, you may be dealing with an entirely new team, the role you are going for may be different or the decision-maker may have changed.

Show Growth

Should it come up that you have interviewed there before, emphasize positive changes that have occurred between your initial meeting and this second attempt. Experience gained somewhere that was previously not on your resume, is a great way to show that your career has developed. Even if your current job or your past job wasn’t entirely relevant, still make a point to illuminate what you have learned from the job that is applicable to the one for which you are interviewing.

Prove That You Listened

If in your last experience with the company, you learned something specific that was insider knowledge, feel free to bring that up. Prove you listened and learned from the first time. Perhaps you took on board some constructive criticism or were told a certain value of yours aligns well with the company. A meaningful connection with the interviewers can be formed by finding connections with yourself and the company.

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