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September 25, 2015

Say Yes to Internal Audit

In her 10 years of recruiting experience, Abacus Group Accounting & Finance Recruiter Dianne Perlman has met plenty of candidates looking to move on from public accounting. One option that they often immediately say NO to is internal audit. In her opinion, that’s a big mistake! Internal audit has many benefits that public auditors neglect to consider. 

First of all, the transition sets you up for success because your audit skillset serves as a bridge to your next role.

Secondly, internal audit is more exciting than public audit; this function does not focus on merely ticking and tying numbers to support the financial statements. Rather, internal audit examines the operations of the entire business.

Next, the function facilitates relationships with contacts throughout the entire firm. The impression you make may result in an offer to join a business unit, an opportunity unheard of directly out of public accounting. Prior to recruiting, Dianne spent 16 years at Bear Stearns, where she witnessed ex-Big Four internal auditors join all areas of the firm, including trading desks. When have you heard of an accountant becoming a trader? Internal audit is how it’s done!

And lastly – for those of you working crazy hours – the hours in internal audit are much better than public. 

Say YES to internal audit – it can open up a whole new world for you!  Feel free to contact Dianne at to explore your options in internal audit.

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