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March 09, 2018

People We Count On: Brian Regan

This week we are shining a light on Brian Regan who is on his way to having his most successful quarter at Abacus since joining our firm in 2001. Since taking over the Accounting Support Division in December 2017, Brian has transcended his career to new heights; taking the Accounting Support Division to a level of success it had never before seen. Although there was some trepidation about pivoting his recruiting career, doing so has returned phenomenal results.

To what do you attribute your recent success?

I have always taken pride in my target recruiting ability. Taking over the Accounting Support division has afforded me the opportunity to really focus on my clients’ needs and requirements, in which I can put my recruiting skills to work. There is nothing more rewarding than finding the company you’re working for, a great candidate, and to that end, a talented candidate an exciting new job. Everyone involved in the search process ends up happy. It’s a win-win situation.

What do you like best about Abacus Group?

Working at Abacus Group for over 16 years has been a wonderful experience for me. The Partners are truly great people who care about the employees as family members. They are supportive of you when personal issues outside of work affect your capability to do your job efficiently. My co-workers are all very team-oriented, where we cover for one another when others are out or on vacation. It is a relief when you can depend on others to assist you even though they have no financial gain and will cover for you solely to help one another. I can’t imagine myself working at another firm.

What advice would you give to someone about being successful in recruitment for Accounting & Finance consulting professionals?

Starting out in recruiting is tough. People who expect to walk in and have immediate sustained success quickly learn that that is rare. It takes time to develop a database of quality applicants and build key relationships with clients who can trust you to support their Accounting & Finance needs. I have gained some very solid relationships and I do consider many of them friends, both with applicants and clients.

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