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December 29, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a Better Boss

As the year winds down, the common practice of making resolutions for the coming year starts to pull focus. This is a great opportunity to set goals as a manager that will ensure you don’t fall into bad habits that have undoubtedly formed over time and not just the past year.

1. Show More Recognition

If you have led your team for a while and they consistently produce good work, do not take that for granted however easy it may be to do so. This doesn’t necessarily require expensive gifts or lavish off-sites, simple verbal recognition and whatever perks with which you are able to reward staff, go a long way in motivating them and keeping morale high. Just as you may get complacent with the status-quo, staff also get complacent in their work; by showing recognition wherever possible, you may even be able to extrapolate even better results from your team.

2. Mingle More

As a higher-up, you can very easily get caught up in work and managing staff. Don’t forget that your staff are individuals with interests and passions beyond the office space. By showing more compassion and making the effort to get to know your staff better, you are not only building a stronger and more close-knit team, you are also able to stay engaged with them; this will reflect in more personalized methods of management. By remaining approachable, you minimize the risk of staff internalizing concerns or even worse, triangulating you from issues that stem from work.

3. Engage in More Philanthropy

It can almost be intimidating seeing the amount of philanthropy in which some large corporations are able to engage. Bigger budgets allow for this type of giving and indeed it should not go unrecognized. Therein lies the issue, however, that philanthropy is a job for big businesses with the money to give. This misconception needs to be rectified. Giving on any scale is admirable and in fact, encouraged. In the new year, you should aim to get more involved in charity work. Charity unifies your team over a common cause and doesn’t necessarily need to cost your business a lot of money. Work with a realistic budget and find a cause that is important to you and your staff.

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