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June 14, 2016

My Abacus Match: Kendacy’s Story


Kendacy, an accounting professional, was unemployed when she first engaged withKara Killgallen of our Temporary Accounting & Finance Staffing Division. She had been laid off due to downsizing with her previous employer, a law firm. Hesitant to consider temporary roles so soon, Kara assured Kendacy that any form of work, income, and networking opportunities are better than none at all.

Within just three weeks of her layoff, Kara secured a temporary—now permanent—Treasury Analyst position for Kendacy at a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Although Kendacy didn’t have all of the required experience for the role, the new employer was willing to consider her for her strong personal attributes, including her flexibility, work ethic, and motivation.

The employer certainly took a chance on Kendacy—but the decision worked in their favor. At the same time, this new opportunity required Kendacy to take a chance by stepping out of her comfort zone: working in a new industry and learning new skills on the job.

Kendacy shares her feedback of working with Kara and Abacus Group in the Q&A below.

How were you referred to Kara and Abacus Group?

I looked up staffing agencies and came across Abacus Group. Shortly after, Kara reached out to set up an appointment to come in to meet with her.

Had you previously worked with a recruiting agency?

Yes, prior to meeting Kara, I worked with a different recruiting agency in my former role as a Junior Accountant.

What were your career goals when you first engaged with Kara?

When I met with Kara, I was looking for a new role in Accounting. I was not working so I was eager to get back into the workforce.

Was your meeting with Kara beneficial in further solidifying your career goals?

Yes, Kara listened carefully to my goals and experience and started immediately searching for positions that aligned with them.

What additional guidance did Kara provide you with?

Kara made me aware of my strengths and potential based on my experience.

Do you feel as though Kara’s assistance alleviated the stress associated with changing jobs?

Yes, Kara called me every day to keep me motivated and informed about the positions for which she presented my resume to clients.

Are you satisfied with your new role?

Yes, I couldn’t be happier. I never imagined I would immediately advance from a Junior Accountant to a Treasury Analyst.

My Abacus Match is our blog series highlighting the success of our candidates in our personalized job search process. If you are a job seeker inspired by Kendacy’s journey to career advancement, we’d like to hear from you. You can submit your resume through our website to begin working with an Abacus Group recruiter.

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