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June 27, 2017

Millennials: The New Generation In Recruiting

We all know what makes for a successful recruiter. It’s a unique profession that requires drive and passion but with hard work, like in many facets of life, the rewards to be reaped are plenty.

As the generational shift in the job market becomes apparent, companies are greater concentrating their efforts to the hiring and retention of millennial candidates. As this shift is occurring across industries, the recruiting and staffing sector faces the same challenges. The millennial generation introduces a new series of adversities whereby hiring managers are forced to understand the values of a generation two decades their junior. Decoding millennial language and getting familiar with their mindset poses a series of hurdles on top of the already difficult process of staffing faced by companies’ HR departments. Growing the millennial demographic in the recruiting and staffing industry ensures industries utilizing recruitment firms, stay ahead of the game.

Millennials Can Bridge the Gap

Very simply, no one understands a millennial more than a millennial. It’s important for a recruiter to understand the motivation of their candidate. A recruiter seeks to learn what motivates a candidate not only to find new work but also to keep thriving in a position.

Robert Pickus, Director of Accounting & Finance Recruitment had this to say about recruiting millennials:

Recruiting for Millennials can be challenging.  We operate in a time-sensitive environment.  A millennial candidate may be motivated, but the method of communication has changed so drastically that things can get lost in translation. While I prefer to speak with the candidates to hear what they have to say and the inflection in their voice, most millennials operate in the abbreviated world of texting, where tone and intonation can get misconstrued.

A millennial recruiter, with the professionalism of a recruiter and the values of a millennial, can overcome the communication barrier with which non-millennial recruiters are faced.

At Abacus Group, we place great emphasis on having recruiters that are experts in their fields. A millennial with the professional background to recruit in a specified industry; has the added skill of being able to relate to a generation that continues to surprise and sometimes test the corporate sphere.
A diverse work environment with a cohort that has varying years of experience makes for a potentially unstoppable business; one towards which millennials can and should contribute.

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