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January 11, 2019

Mayor de Blasio Pushes to Make New York City First in the U.S. to Require Paid Vacation

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed legislation this week that would require employers provide paid vacation to their staff. New York City would be the first in the country to mandate this type of leave. This time off would be in addition to the five days of paid sick leave that became law in 2014.

Under the proposed legislation, businesses with more than five employees would have to offer 10 days of paid time off per year. Part-time employees would also be offered limited paid leave, with the number of days dependent on hours worked. Employees would qualify for the time off after working 120 days with the company. Unused days may roll over to the next year.

The City reached 4.5 million jobs for the first time in its history. Over the last year, New York City experienced its lowest unemployment rate since 1976.

The legislation would guarantee to leave for approximately 3.4 million employees citywide. Currently, more than 500,000 full- and part-time employees in New York City do not receive paid time off.

President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City quickly voiced concerns. “More than a third of the businesses that would be most threatened by this new mandate are owned by immigrants, a group that the mayor champions. Many are struggling retailers, who are facing rising rents and online competition.”

De Blasio, however, is steadfast in his stance. “Workers across the nation have been working too hard without enough time to rest and recharge or enough time for family and important life events. Every other major nation recognizes the necessity of Paid Personal Time. We as a country must get there, and New York City will lead the way.”

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