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March 12, 2013

Making your Case for a Raise in Spite of the Economy

Asking for a raise is fairly intimidating for most professionals.  The conversation is especially daunting given that the average salary increase expected to be less than three percent this fiscal year, a figure that remains unchanged from 2012 and only marginally higher than that in 2011. Given these statistics, you might be wondering: Why should I bother asking for a raise when my employer can barely afford to give me one? Of course, avoiding the discussion of a raise almost guarantees that you won’t be given one – at least not with the urgency you currently desire and feel you deserve. With the proper research, strategic planning and a tactful delivery of your request, you’re ensured to have a more productive conversation with your supervisor regarding compensation. While your employer may be unable to immediately accommodate higher pay, showcasing your interest and presenting your justification for a salary raise may very well allow you to obtain one in the near future.  For guidance on having the conversation with your manager, we recommend a review of fourteen best practices for securing a salary raise you deserve – the first of which is, of course, assessing your worth as a professional.

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