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September 20, 2019

Keeping Up Your Online Presence, Even When You’re Not Job Hunting

It is normally not until people start looking for a new job that they take the time to assess their online image. However, keeping up your digital appearance, regardless of if you are looking to leave your current position or not, can connect you with new professionals to build your network and even open the door to your dream job in the future.

Keep all online profiles up to date

Every month, take an hour or two and check in on all your professional accounts. If you have had any changes in your position, update your title, role description, and professional bio if necessary. Additionally, refresh your profile picture and personal information to ensure they’re accurate as well.

Post and share your accomplishments

It may seem arrogant, but sharing pictures and posts of your career accomplishments will catch the eye of those in your network and heighten their opinion of your skills and work ethic. Tagging co-workers in these posts will also increase the audience as well as show you’re a good team player and share credit.

Build a website as your personal hub

Although it is not always necessary, creating a website to highlight past projects and achieved goals will give recruiters and potential employers a place to see all the best parts of your career. Additionally, you can save a section for recommendations or references from previous coworkers, supervisors, and clients.

Manage what Google says about you

There’s nothing worse than searching your name online and something embarrassing or unprofessional shows up. If this happens, contact the person or company that posted the content and ask if it could be removed. And if you don’t come up in the search, try to get more of your successes highlighted online.

Ensure your personal accounts are clean

Not every aspect of your online presence needs to be centered in your professional life, but you still want to keep the other accounts clean of posts that could affect your career. Furthermore, keeping those personal accounts on private mode will ensure no risk of any blend between the two parts of your life.

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