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May 03, 2017

It’s Time to Stop Blocking the Path to Your Dream Job

When your job search lasts longer than projected, it’s easy to blame external forces for your lack of success. For example, you might attribute your stalled victory to a weak job market, the personalities of the employers who have interviewed you, or your recruiter’s judgment. In reality, you have more control over the situation than anyone or anything else.

Career coach Jaclyn Westlake shares four ways that professionals inadvertently sabotage themselves from securing new opportunities. Her guidance applies not to individuals who are struggling to present themselves strongly to employers, but to those who are too picky about the roles they wish to pursue. While job searching selectively—when you’re currently employed—is a wise strategy, being overly demanding will not get you anywhere.

Jaclyn explains how an unwillingness to budge in four areas—compensation, company name, title, and interview process—prevents job seekers from finding positions that fit their goals. “Take your job search blinders off and expand your line of vision,” she writes. The best opportunity for your career does not necessarily come with a glamorous title nor does it need to sit within a Fortune 100 organization.

Read more about overcoming unrealistic job expectations in the full article from Forbes.

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