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December 01, 2015

IT Growth in the Accounting Industry Brings Greater Employer Demands

A new survey report from the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) published by CPA Practice Advisor delivers good news for Information Technology professionals who specialize in the Accounting industry: You’re in high demand, and you can expect a bump in compensation as we head into 2016. The increase is due in part to more work in IT security. But along with this growth, IT professionals can expect more demanding requirements from employers.

Abacus Group’s Director of Information Technology Staffing and Recruitment, Marty Harte, explains that the survey results are positive—but there’s a catch.

Given that the unemployment rate for IT professionals is consistently under three percent, Marty explains that the study is further evidence of the IT field’s ongoing War for Talent, or competitive recruitment landscape. Moreover, the stats are promising for IT professionals in sectors like Financial Services, Legal, and Professional Services, too, Marty notes, because technical skills translate well among these related industries.

In addition to increases in headcount, the ITA found that salaries are growing for Accounting industry IT staff. This, says Marty, is where the catch comes in. Salaries are absolutely going up, but employers are demanding more than ever before.

According to Marty, “A breadth of experience is the new norm. From Developers who must specialize in a wide range of front- and back-end technologies, to Infrastructure Managers who are Security, Storage, and Virtual Machine experts, IT hiring professionals want it all.” Those candidates who take the time to continuously invest in more relevant skills will have the most bargaining power when it comes to compensation.

If you are an IT professional seeking new employment opportunities on a contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire basis, Abacus Group’s recruiters can help. We can effectively position your expertise to maximize career development and compensation. You can learn more about our IT practice and available opportunities through our website.

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