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July 30, 2014

Innovative Approaches to Turnover for Managers

Earlier this year, we addressed the ongoing concern of staff retention by characterizing the typical employee who is preparing to resign. Such an employee shows a clear change from his or her earlier self, who exhibited maximum effort, enthusiasm, motivation, a strong presence, and vocalization. The intent was to help managerial professionals and business owners overcome the surprise and disappointment of turnover.  We recommended the “stay interview” tool: informal one-on-one meetings to reinforce loyalty, address concerns and look out for the critical personality shifts. 

The stay interview is just one of many ways an employer can combat voluntary turnover, according to Talent Management expert Dr. John Sullivan. This week, he published an outstanding catalogue of nine additional approaches in his ERE article “Retention – The Top 10 Ways a Manager can Identify Who is About to Quit.” Reminiscent of our earlier guidance, Sullivan’s list perceptively broadens the scope of retention techniques that are available to – and extremely effective for – employers. Examining previous job tenure, recognizing the end of one’s “career stage” and pinpointing underuse of one’s skills are among his proposals. Sullivan also underscores the necessity of such practices now – because turnover rates increased 45 percent in 2013, and he anticipates a larger jump this year. 

Access Sullivan’s article in full on ERE.

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