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March 26, 2019

How Your Extracurriculars Can Help You Get a Job after Graduation

When writing your first professional resume, GPA and internships are not the only thing interviewers and recruiters will be looking at. Having participated in a variety of extracurriculars not only shows that you are a well-rounded individual, but also that you have gained experiences and skills that are not always attained in the classroom. From leadership to personal development, broadening your skill set from engagement in extracurriculars will show those reviewing your resume that you are a cut above other recent graduates.

Honor Societies

Regardless of if the honors society is dedicated to academics or leadership, having membership shows you are among the top of your classmates.
Transferable Skills: Dedication to Your Work, Strong Time Management, and Drive to Excel.

Student Government

Most Student Government Associations have positions beyond the executive broad, so whether you were President or a Class Representative, being involved shows you are a leader.
Transferable Skills: Want to Improve Processes, Natural Leader, and Highly Motivated.

Peer Tutor

Not only does tutoring show that you are a master in your field of study, but also that you are able to guide your peers without talking down to them.
Transferable Skills: Ability to Mentor, Strong Communicator, and Desire for Personal Growth.

Greek Life

Even if they’re not a member, interviewers know being a member of a sorority or fraternity requires strong interpersonal skills and a lot of dedication.
Transferable Skills: Event Coordination, Sales/Recruiting Experience, and Team Player.

Club Leadership

Most schools have a club that aligns with your future career, so holding a leadership position within the organizations shows how passionate you are about the field you want to enter.
Transferable Skills: Able to Manage a Group, Commitment, and Strong Knowledge of Your Field.

Community Service/Charitably Events

Whether is a few hours a month of community service or attending a long charitable event, taking time out of your day to give back to the community shows you are a compassionate person.
Transferable Skills: Compassionate, Care for Your Community, and Dedication to a Cause.

Study Abroad

Traveling in a study abroad program, for a few weeks or a whole semester, shows you are curious about the world and interested in learning outside of the traditional avenues.
Transferable Skills: Courageous, Want for Personal Development, and Highly Adaptive.

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