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April 24, 2018

How Your Company Can Benefit from Using a Temporary Staffing Agency

Regardless of the size of your company, employing a temporary staffing agency to meet your temporary staffing needs is laden with benefits. It is no secret that much of your company’s success relies on having the right team. Below are just a few reasons why temp staffing agencies are the best way to effectively bring in temp staff.

1. Ease and Efficiency

Hiring is a time-consuming process but given its importance, you certainly do not want to cut corners. Employing recruiters is the perfect compromise whilst still ensuring that new hires are of a high standard without taking time away from letting your company do what it does best, whatever your service or product may be. A recruiting company specializes in making placements and as such will do so with the efficacy and diligence of service-providing professionals.

2. Money-saving

Because staffing agencies cover taxes and fees associated with payroll, workers’ compensation and unemployment, utilizing their services can give your business a sizable financial break. Not to mention the fact that your company’s in-house resources would remain concentrated as usual rather than redirecting them to hiring efforts that could be quite lengthy and arduous.

3. Peace of Mind

Recruiting firms provide guaranteed hires and therefore will provide the high-quality candidates and best fits. Recruiting is not like visiting a restaurant whereby a bad experience will merely result in non-repeat patronage. A bad experience with a recruitment firm means they will not get your business at all, furthermore, placements made that are unsuccessful only mean that the agency must once again work to meet your needs or run the risk of losing time and money.

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