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November 10, 2017

How to Use the Holiday Season for your Job Search [Infographic]

The holiday season, despite its concentration on taking a break and spending time with loved ones, is indeed an incredibly busy time. A common misconception surrounding the holiday season is that hiring slows down and efforts to cultivate career development are futile. The below infographic shows simple measures that may be taken in order to develop your career this holiday season.

Set Goals

Goal-setting is not a task exclusive to the holiday season, in fact intermittently setting goals and reassessing them can more effectively keep you on track to succeed. Setting goals during the holiday season, however, ensures that as the calendar years wraps up, you are refocused and motivated to work towards something substantive in the coming year. Of course no one should wait till the holiday season to set goals or for the New Year, to work towards resolutions, however, the season in itself with its emphasis on togetherness, giving and celebration will help you prioritize facets of not only your personal life but your professional life as well.


The holiday season provides the perfect excuse to reach out to contacts from whom you may have drifted. Sending holiday cards or offering greetings reopens the lines of communication; giving you the opportunity to work at a relationship that may yield positive and beneficial results. Ensure that your approach is not intrusive or blatant. Your greeting should be sincere with a genuine desire to reconnect rather than an elevator pitch of you as a marketable product. Be sensitive to various religious beliefs that may or may not observe certain holidays. Keep the message clear and concise and offer a call to action, be it an invitation to get a coffee or talk more.

Temporary Jobs

If you find yourself out of work during the holiday season, don’t be afraid to take temporary work. There is a lot of demand for temporary hires during the season given that many workers take time off. Temporary work allows you to exercise your skills in a professional setting whilst also providing you with an income. Temp-to-hire positions are also available during the season so don’t dismiss temporary work as an unfruitful option. Exposing yourself to a new workplace also expands your network and gives you the chance to make new contacts.

Volunteer Work

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities during the season, more so than anything other time of the year due to the prominence of giving. It goes without saying that volunteering is always a great idea but should you find yourself with free time during the season, volunteering is a great way to again meet new people, help others and have some noteworthy experience for your résumé. Volunteer experience is also a great substitute for professional experience for college students or college graduates. The experience is fulfilling in more ways than one.


The holiday season is a truly social time. Despite the cold weather, people are often out-and-about enjoying the festivities. Don’t be afraid to use these events as opportunities to network and meet new people or reconnect with old contacts. Do not take an aggressive approach that you might employ for a networking event but be open to shaking a few more hands and engaging in more conversations as you enjoy an event. You never know what doors can be opened simply by making a new friend.

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