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June 04, 2019

How to Stay Motivated in the Office During the Summer

Staying focused and productive at work can be tough when you know so many others are lying on the beach, hanging out with friend and family, and generally enjoying the warm weather. Instead of spending your time in the office daydreaming of summer fun, push yourself to stay focused and motivated while allowing yourself to bring a little brightness into a mundane workday. Following the six tips below will ensure that your summer months are some of your most successful, while still allowing you to enjoy some fun in the sun.

1. Mix Up Your Routine

The easiest way to keep yourself motivated during the summer is to switch up your everyday routine. Changing your normal lunches to fresher, lighter, fruit and vegetable focused options will bring summer flavors into the office. Also, if possible, try to change the way you commute and walk or bike if possible.

2. Bring Some Light into Your Office

Although spending money on desk décor is not something most people want to do, there are many budget-friendly options that will make your workspace feel brighter and make sitting at your desk more enjoyable. Open the windows to let some fresh air in or grow a few plants to bring in a little color.

3. Shift Your Schedule

Talk with your supervisor about adjusting your hours to come in earlier and in turn, leave earlier. Getting your work done while everyone is else is still starting their day will allow you to enjoy the summer in the afternoon. Plus, taking advantage of Summer Friday will push you to get more done at the start of the week.

4. Use Your Phone to Help You Focus

While scrolling through other’s vacation pictures will only be a distraction, utilizing productivity apps will help to keep you focused and getting the job done. Plus, if you can listen to music in the office, creating a summer playlist will give you a taste of the warmth while still being productive.

5. Get Outside During Your Breaks

Getting yourself out into the sun is a great way to boost your energy, so if possible, try to go on walks with your coworkers during meetings or breaks. Furthermore, eating your lunch outside will give you time to enjoy the warm weather and allow you to go back into the office feeling relaxed and refreshed.

6. Do Some Easy Exercises

Making sure that you get up from your desk and move around is key for keeping your mind alert and focused. Although getting active outside is ideal in the summer, doing simple stretches outside during your break or even walking up and down the stair will get your blood pumping and keep your energy up.

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