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July 15, 2016

How to Secure Permanent Employment After Temping

At Abacus Group, we place dozens of professionals in compelling temporary positions on a weekly basis. We recognize that short-term or indefinite temporary assignments are usually not a job seeker’s first choice. Unless one has the time or financial flexibility to experiment with a new industry or function with no guarantee of longevity or employee benefits, securing permanent work takes priority. We acknowledge this sentiment and, therefore, do everything in our power to ensure that candidates we place in temporary assignments ultimately end up in permanent roles.

Despite certain disadvantages, temping is an excellent way to remain productive, current, and compensated during periods of unemployment. Moreover, temp assignments open doors to new professional connections and skills. Unfortunately, in our ever-competitive job market, some employers are wary to hire candidates who lack recent permanent experience.

We recently came across an excellent resource to assist professionals in addressing this concern. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Publisher of Quintessential Careers, shares her advice on “Life After Temping” on LiveCareer. Hansen provides excellent guidance, including how to best present temporary roles on one’s resume.

Hansen’s strongest points, though, are regarding best practices for addressing temp experience in interviews. Never express to an employer that you took a temp job for out of desperation or because you needed money. That’s a given, and doesn’t impress anyone. Instead, explain that you sought out temporary positions to develop your skills and experience a new company culture before committing to a permanent position.

Read the full article from Hansen about transitioning from a temporary role to a permanent one.

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