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January 18, 2019

How to Know It’s the Right Company Before Accepting the Job

It’s hard to know if the company with whom you are interviewing, is the right company for you. However, it is important to do the work beforehand to see to the best of your ability if the fit will be a good one. It is better to learn if the company isn’t right for you at the outset and during the interview stage rather than after an offer has been extended.

1. Do Your Values Align with the Company’s?

Just like forging any relationship, it is important to determine if your values align with those of the company. A friendship with someone who doesn’t share your values can be quite strained and the same goes for a work relationship with an employer. It can be something so obvious as a shared value for personal time and time spent with family, to something more nuanced like a shared value for innovation.

2. What is Your Motivation for Working There?

Of course, money is a large motivation for accepting a job but if you can help it, it should not be the sole motivation, unless you truly value nothing above it. You want to make sure you are accepting a job for the right reasons. Especially if it is early in your career or nearing the end of it, these bookends on a major facet of your life require a lot of thought. Early in your career, you need to ensure that this company is somewhere you can grow or a stepping stone towards your more ideal position. Will you be heading in the right direction at this company? Nearing the end of your career, you need to determine that this company is where you want to retire and is one that will handle that well.

3. Do You Feel Positively About the Leadership?

It’s been mentioned before but it can never be said too much that an interview is two ways, both parties of an interview are in fact being interviewed. How do you feel about the leadership team and more specifically the managers under whom you may be working? Ask yourself what you want and value in a leader and make sure that from what you know of the leadership, you see a desire to work with them and learn and grow.

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