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September 26, 2018

How to Keep Employees Engaged Now Summer is Over

It’s unsurprising that summer is seen as the best time to enhance employee engagement and team building. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that once the weather turns and the season comes to an end, you will see a change in employee interaction and bonding. The benefit to summer ending, however, is that it is the start of a lot of sporting seasons. Sport and physical activity can come as a welcome change after a summer of happy hours and general indulging.

Join a Sporting Team

There are corporate leagues available for many different sports. They are a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle while having fun with your colleagues. Working as a team in a sporting capacity encourages teamwork and strategizing. Your team is working towards a common goal of winning and you will put your heads together to determine how to achieve success. Because corporate leagues also encourage the unity of individuals of different skill levels, playing as a team with your peers promotes patience and acceptance as well as leadership and mentorship.

Support a Charity

Volunteering and donating are all year-round options but certainly can fall by the wayside during the summertime. Refocus your energy once again on giving back. If volunteering is too difficult given other commitments, organize a drive or fund-raise for a cause that the office feels strongly about. More likely than not there is an individual in the office who has been affected by tragedy that has its awareness raised by a specific charity. The personal connection to the charity will bring the office together and fundraising to donate or something to that effect will unify the workplace.

Get Involved in Marathon Season

Certainly, in New York, the end of summer is when marathon season really feels like it is upon us. Marathons are not only an incredible way to raise money for worthy causes, but they also unify a city and build a strong sense of community. It’s likely that someone in the office is even participating. Throw your support behind them and get involved in the experience from the sidelines if you can’t from the starting gun.

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