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May 22, 2018

How to Foster Leadership in the Workplace

It should come as no surprise that leadership development in the workplace is a highly regarded benefit when candidates are considering specific employment. Candidates are thinking more and more about career trajectory and advancement when they are seeking jobs, particularly associate to senior level professionals who are more discerning in their job search. How to effectively foster leadership in the workplace is significant to the success of your company achieved by the success of your people.

Identify Leadership Potential

It is a common mistake made by management whereby individuals are promoted to positions of leadership simply based on their ability to produce rather than taking into account whether or not they have the ability to lead. The same goes in regard to tenure. It must, however, be remembered that leadership skills do not come about after X amount of years or once X amount of dollars of revenue have been generated by the employee for the firm. Assess your team and identify what you believe to be qualities that form a good leader. There are no blanket leadership skills, however, there are obvious ones such as communication, delegation, and responsibility. Determine what you want to see in a leader from your firm and pursue these individuals as viable candidates.

Let People Rise to the Challenge

Set realistic expectations but make sure that there is a challenge for your team members to meet. You may be pleasantly surprised by which team members rise to the challenge and display leadership qualities worth cultivating. Ensure the playing field is level and give everyone the chance to excel and show off their leadership potential. At the very least, your team members should learn what it is you expect from a leader and whether or not they personally can meet those standards, or what might need to happen before they do.

Acknowledge Successes

When fostering leadership, congratulating successful leadership candidates goes far in bolstering the confidence needed to succeed as a leader. Recognize and show gratitude towards team members hitting milestones and achieving key objectives. Accomplishments should not go unnoticed. Praise future leaders publically and make it clear that certain behaviors are desired and revered. Team members want to know they’re doing well and are on the path to becoming leaders within your firm. Be transparent and where necessary, guide them on their journey to leadership.

Never Forget the Company’s Vision

Promote inclusivity and the company culture so that leadership candidates are not looking to take their new found skills to your competitor. Keep retention in mind and compensate leaders and candidates for leadership appropriately. You can’t praise an individual and shine a light on their immense potential without sparking a debate over money. Even if an increase in salary can’t be actioned immediately, let them know that it is something they are working towards and that you want nothing but their success in achieving it.

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