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February 20, 2018

How to ensure your Interview is Memorable

Your resume ticked a lot of boxes, you’ve passed the phone screen and now it’s time to be brought in for an in-person interview. Congratulations for making it this far but in the words of the Carpenters, “we’ve only just begun”. You are clearly doing something right to have succeeded thus far but having a memorable in-person interview is vital to getting a job offer. From this point onwards you can no longer rely on your technical skills. Your personality needs to shine.

1. Presentation

Bearing in mind that personality is important in order for an employer to gauge cultural fit, dress in a way that is in keeping with the professional setting whilst adding interest that can aid in the memorability of your candidacy. It may sound vacuous but adding interest to your appearance, be it a tie clip or a timepiece, can help interviewers remember you and the time spent speaking with you. Presentation also encapsulates everything that is important about how you conduct yourself in the interview. The use of eye contact, a warm smile and a confident handshake may be consistent across the board of candidates however failing to do so will see you remembered as the person who fell short. That is not something for which you should want to be remembered.

2. Forge a Relationship

As important as it is to speak in a way that sells you to the interviewers, don’t forget to show interest in them as people and in their company. Doing so will create symbiosis and mark the inception of what, presumably, you hope will be a fruitful and long relationship. A good amount of pre-interview research and industry knowledge will help you find commonality with the interviewers that also portrays your diligence, intelligence and fascination. Respecting that they are interviewing you as much as you are them, will add to the two-sidedness of the experience and lend to the feeling that there is a budding relationship present.

3. Keep it Light

Know that it is acceptable to laugh when jokes are made and where appropriate, contribute lively banter of your own. Just like any social setting and indeed any attempt to be entertaining, it is important to read the room. Take the lead of the interviewer. If you sense that they might appreciate an aside, feel free to offer it. Of course you want to remember why it is that you are there; be yourself without straying too far from the real meaning and purpose of the interview. Strike the balance between professionalism and affability, but don’t feel confined to having to fit the mold. This will not eventuate in your memorability. If the interview setting makes you feel as if you aren’t comfortable enough to be yourself, more likely than not the cultural fit is lacking and that is not an environment to which you belong.

4. Ask Questions

Asking questions is essential but ensure that you are not asking questions merely for the sake of it. If you are asking a question that could be answered by a quick Google search, you are not only wasting everyone’s time, you are showing the interviewers that you were not thorough in your pre-interview research. In fact, ask questions that demonstrate the thoroughness of your research. For example, “I read on TechCrunch that you’ll be expanding to Singapore in the coming year, what made you choose Singapore as your first office outside the U.S.?” Question-asking can be tailored in your favor to add more personality to the interview, to perhaps draw ties between the interviewers and yourself as well as equip you with what you need to know should an offer arise and the decision-making process begin.

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