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July 24, 2018

How to Come Back From a Workplace Faux Pas

It happens to all of us; we make a mistake in the office that we aren’t proud of. Maybe it was a mistake made in an interaction with a colleague or rather you made a misstep with a client outside of your organization. The fact of the matter is that yes the faux pas says a lot about you as a professional and on a personal level, however, how you recover from it speaks volumes too.

Own It

Mistakes are made, none of us are perfect.  Perhaps you even got reprimanded for it. It’s time to own up to it. Do not get defensive or try to back out, don’t pass the buck or throw someone else under the bus, take it standing up. It’s much easier to recover if you take the blame that you deserve and begin the process of moving on rather than dwelling and trying to minimize an issue that you are at fault for causing.

Do the Right Thing

You’ve made a mistake, so fix it or at the very least, take the steps towards making amends. Now is not the time to shy away from adversity, it is in the steps after owning it that you rebuild relationships and your integrity. Any sort of avoidance of the issue will also add to negative thoughts towards you and your downfall. Redemption can only come from righting any wrongs.

Gain Knowledge

Be open to feedback and learn from both the feedback and the experience. In showing that you are making a conscious effort to learn and grow, you will work towards rebuilding trust and your image. Displaying to your peers that you have accepted your mistake, made amends and graciously learned from it, reassures everyone including yourself that it will not happen again.

Engage in Self-reflection

Self-reflection lends itself to lesson-learning but also helps show yourself kindness. Often we can be quite hard on ourselves. No one enjoys making mistakes. Self-reflection ensures that as you rebuild your character in the eyes of your peers and the people you let down, you are also able to rebuild your self-esteem and self-respect. It may even be that you are the one who is most worried about it when all is said and done.

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